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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

21 Mar 2024 9:46 PM | Jaqua Lawson

Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens is crucial for those working in the healthcare field. Proper education will help you from getting sick. For example, you should always treat any bodily fluids as contaminated. This means that wearing protective gear is a must.

It is also important to know how to clean up after potentially infectious substances in the correct way. While wearing PPE, you should disinfect with proper chemicals and dispose of items in proper containers. Mishandling of hazardous materials is a great way to get sick and/or fired.

Knowing what to do if you get exposed is just as vital as prevention. Thoroughly clean the exposed area and contact your supervisor right away! Follow the guidelines given to you. Finally, learn from this accident to ensure it does not happen again.


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