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Key advantages of hiring a cleaning person or company that has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification

17 Jun 2024 11:17 AM | Mary Ram

I have been in the cleaning field for twenty years ,  over time I have built my career as a cleaning professional I have made great strides  in my cleaning career through dedication and hard work I have built a great clientele base over the years whom I value you greatly and attribute for my greater success . I am OCD a germophobic by nature my instinct is clean , I am a strong innovative cleaner that knows how to bust through and remove grime , always a front runner in safety for me and my clients .I am a  detail oriented cleaner  and  have exceptional organizing techniques as well as design I always follow through with a showroom finish on every cleaning job I complete .

I was a young single mother my only skill at the time was being a mom and homemaker working endless jobs to make ends meet while attending classes  and paying my way through college I worked hotels and other no end jobs barely making ends meet then I discovered I could clean on my own I landed a new construction contract through my fathers long time best friend it didn't take long until the money started flowing in I have been building different avenues ever since cleaning residential ,  commercial ,  and new construction .

  I can honestly say the last five years have been my best growth and strongest clientele base I ever had I have built my growth through strong customer service skills dedication and hard work has gained me great PR  word of mouth and referrals through past and current clients is what has created my biggest growth thus far  . My clients are  people that I have grown to love knowing and caring for their needs for so many years some more recent than others  I consider them friends as well as an extension of family when you are working for the same costumers throughout the years would be hard not too in my opinion  . Up until a few months ago I was very confident within my skill and experience as a cleaning professional to clean and disinfect for my clients keeping them safer every clean giving extra protection through the cold and flu season then Covid - 19 came , when I realized  how serious the pandemic was I suspended business immediately even before the state started shutting down I knew this virus was bigger than anything I had ever experienced . My instinct was to immediately start looking for more astringent PPE for proper protection for my personal protection as well as my clients protection I immediately thought to seek training and certification for bio hazard cleaning  did a quick search online and found IJCSA I was navigating the website and found I could get certified in biohazard cleaning but first I would have to get certified in hazardous chemicals customer service , residential cleaning specialist  then move on to bio hazard cleaning certification  IJCSA also has many other certifications available . I have had a lot of fun taking these refresher course study for these certifications has reminded me of the importance of chemical safety and the different resources out their for us professionals .

For me the key advantages of hiring a cleaning professional that has passed the IJCSA RCS Certification is for safety professionalism  and good cleaning performance providing a better experience when hiring a house cleaner . hiring  a IJCSA RCS Certified cleaner advantages in safety is a front runner in this dangerous time with Covid - 19 looming in my opinion is a must for a cleaning professional to train for safety in all aspects IJCSA RCS Certified cleaners certify in bloodborne pathogens , hazardous chemical , cleaning skill and safety definitely is an advantage for you to insure to your clients you are ready and qualified for the job moving forward .

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