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  • 04 Mar 2024 5:27 PM | David DeForest

    A clean environment in which one lives or works is essential for good health, much like the air, food and water we need. Bloodborne pathogens similar to contaminated air, food and water poses a risk to health and life.

    A well trained janitorial service being educated about the potential dangers of bloodborne pathogens, can help maintain a clean and safe environment to benefit the health of those in it.

    IJCSA maintains high standards for its members and therefore provides the necessary training to achieve certification in the various scopes of the profession. The bloodborne certification is one credential on the path of excellence and professionalism for the IJCSA members.

  • 04 Mar 2024 4:09 PM | Richard Porter

    Every year, numerous Americans are infected with extraordinarily virile infections through healthcare facilities. Proper cleaning and disinfection is crucial for hospitals, medical, and dental offices. The importance of following standards and guidelines, put in place by the CDC, has never been more important.

    With the advent of the Coronavirus, this has been brought to the forefront of many Americans minds. However, properly trained healthcare cleaning professionals have been fighting this battle.for many years. There are numerous standards and practices that need to be followed.

    If you are looking for a healthcare cleaning professional, look no further. Search the IJCSA directory for a certified healthcare cleaner. The standards of training are rigorous and ensure that you get the highest quality professionals available -

  • 04 Mar 2024 2:21 PM | Anthony Epps

    The roles of janitorial & custodians are extremely important to upkeep buildings, schools, medical facilities, churches, and much more. Janitors are the reason why people are able to go into a bathroom or building or breakroom and it is smelling and looking clean.  Janitorial services is something that can never be overlooked. The White House as a Janitor, who cleans and keeps the oval office very tidy and clean. Janitors have to be trained and learn proper steps to cleaning a variety of locations within the facility.

    Janitors keep the location spotless and clean for the next day and or shift for oncoming staff who work at the location.  There is many perks in hiring an janitor to maintain the building functions , such the cafeteria, restroom, breakroom, gym, locker room, and so much more. Floor maintenance for stripping, waxing, buffing the floors(VCT) when needed. 

    Training janitors properly and continuous training can improve the janitor's ability to get the job done and have great productivity during their shift. The biggest concern would a dirty and unsanitary environment for people to be in. Especially during these times of uncertainly about COVID-19 and it being noticed that it's on the raise again.  Its very important to have janitors working and trained to serve the public at the highest level . 

    Janitors keep everything organized and tidy, helps others mental health. A individual walks into a dirty locations and makes people take caution due to the look and smell of the location. Versus that same individual walking into other part of the building which is properly clean and tidy puts people in great mental state and good. No janitor and see how your locations look after one week. Janitors are vital to keep the environment clean and organized , which is needed more than ever.

  • 04 Mar 2024 12:16 PM | Elvia Patricia Riveron Zarate

    At Dustfree cleaning, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As an IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified Company, we prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaning practices to ensure a healthier, safer, and more sustainable environment for our clients. Our green cleaning program is integrated into every aspect of our cleaning routine, from product selection to waste disposal, ensuring that each cleaning service we provide aligns with our dedication to environmental stewardship.

    To implement our green cleaning program effectively, we begin by carefully selecting cleaning products. We choose environmentally friendly products that are free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and toxic additives. Instead, we rely on natural, biodegradable ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces without harming human health or the environment.

    In addition to using green cleaning products, we incorporate sustainable cleaning practices into our daily operations. This includes minimizing water and energy usage, utilizing microfiber cloths and mop heads for efficient cleaning and reducing waste by implementing recycling and composting programs.

  • 04 Mar 2024 11:32 AM | Anonymous member

    Medical cleaning practices are very strict in the sense that there are rules to follow when it comes to the cleaning. Since medical facilities need to be properly clean to avoid patient getting sick medical cleaning practices can benefit residential and commercial places. The majority of people won’t be familiar with some of the rules and proper methods went dealing with cleaning chemical.

    Some of those standards can help other residential and commercial situations in the sense that if they can implement a higher standard of cleaning there would be less people getting sick. There would be a lower number of people calling in sick to work and to school. Medical cleaning practices implementation at home can also help you avoid going to the doctor because of bacteria’s or virus that could have been avoidable if we were to do a deeper cleaning with the right cleaning chemicals. 

    A good idea to implement is to have a higher standardized level of cleaning for all types of situations, for homes and work places. By implementing medical cleaning practices across the board we can have a better control when it comes to people getting sick. According to the CDC, cleaning alone effectively reduces the number of microorganisms on contaminated equipment. Now imagine having the knowledge to use the correct chemicals it can really impact us in a good way.

    Now, that we are in a pandemic cleaning is crucial and knowing and implementing the high standards of medical cleaning can keep a better control of the spread. For example, knowing that we should clean with color rags that way we are not cross contaminating areas and knowing about how to correctly use chemical that can kill harmful virus and germs. Check out find a certified company that can help you in the process.

  • 04 Mar 2024 9:54 AM | Cameron Smith

    Keeping carpets regularly clean is vital to your health. Hidden in your carpets or rugs are germs and dust mites. Dust mites have the potential to cause flare-ups with allergies and asthma. Also, maintaining the cleanliness of carpets and rugs extends the appearance of them.

    Whether you have small children with allergies or asthma cleaning your carpets frequently will keep them healthy. Also, cleaning your carpets will kill germs and limit sickness. Choosing the right cleaning company will ensure that your carpets are cleaned the right way. When your carpets and rugs require cleaning think of IJCSA certified carpet cleaners.

  • 04 Mar 2024 9:33 AM | Sierrah Voll

    Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms found in human blood and other bodily fluids that can cause diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS. For employees and staff in cleaning industries, particularly those who may come into contact with blood or bodily fluids during their work, understanding and implementing proper protocols for handling bloodborne pathogens is of utmost importance. Not only does this knowledge protect the health and safety of employees, but it also plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for clients and customers.

    First and foremost, education about bloodborne pathogens equips cleaning employees and staff with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves from potential exposure. By understanding how bloodborne pathogens are transmitted and the precautions to take when handling blood or bodily fluids, employees can minimize their risk of infection and ensure their own safety on the job. This includes using personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, face masks, and protective clothing, as well as following proper procedures for cleaning and disinfection to prevent cross-contamination.

    Furthermore, cleaning employees and staff who are knowledgeable about bloodborne pathogens contribute to the overall safety and well-being of the community they serve. Whether working in healthcare facilities, schools, offices, or public spaces, these individuals play a vital role in maintaining clean and sanitary environments that are essential for public health. By adhering to strict protocols for handling blood and bodily fluids, they help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce the risk of exposure for both themselves and others. In doing so, they demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and accountability in their roles as custodians of public health and safety.

    In conclusion, the importance of cleaning employees and staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens cannot be overstated. This knowledge not only protects the health and safety of employees but also plays a critical role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and maintaining clean and hygienic environments. By educating themselves about proper protocols for handling blood and bodily fluids, cleaning professionals demonstrate their commitment to safety, professionalism, and public health, ultimately contributing to a healthier and safer community for all.

  • 04 Mar 2024 8:37 AM | Ana Malone

    It is extremely important for cleaning employees to be aware of the risk that comes from bloodborne pathogens. Cleaning staff could come into contact with many forms of bodily fluids that have the possibility of spreading disease. There is a possibility to infect themselves and many others by not properly handling situations where bloodborne pathogens could be a risk. Cleaning staff should always use universal precautions.

    Even if a particular cleaning staff member would not usually be expected to come into contact with a bloodborne pathogen, they should have the proper training to be able to handle the situation and reduce the chances of anyone contracting a bloodborne pathogen whenever possible.

    Bloodborne pathogens training can help employees to be aware of the risk and to use universal precautions by wearing proper PPE and following all established safety protocols. Without training employees may not be aware of the risks and that could lead to many people being at risk to be infected by a bloodborne pathogen that could have otherwise been avoided.

  • 04 Mar 2024 8:17 AM | Christi McNulty

    In the wake of global health concerns, the implementation of medical cleaning practices has become a crucial aspect of maintaining clean and safe residential and commercial spaces. The lessons learned from healthcare cleaning can be seamlessly integrated into various settings to protect the population and contribute to a healthier world. By adopting these practices, not only are harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses effectively addressed, but the overall well-being of communities is safeguarded.

    Adapting Healthcare Protocols: Residential and commercial spaces can benefit immensely from adopting the rigorous protocols practiced in medical cleaning. Crystal Clean Office Cleaning and Sanitizing Service in Arvada, CO, is a shining example of a service provider that embraces these practices, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness. Through specialized disinfectants, meticulous attention to high-touch surfaces, and a commitment to thorough cleaning, businesses and homeowners alike can mitigate the risks associated with harmful pathogens.

    A Comprehensive Approach: The values associated with protecting the population extend beyond the healthcare sector. Recognizing the interconnectedness of our communities, it becomes imperative to implement a comprehensive approach to cleaning. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA) Janitorial Services Directory serves as a valuable resource for connecting with professional cleaning services committed to upholding these values. By selecting services that prioritize health and safety, individuals and businesses contribute to a collective effort to create cleaner, safer environments.

    The Impact on Global Well-Being: The integration of medical cleaning practices into residential and commercial settings transcends immediate benefits, influencing global well-being. As businesses and homeowners embrace these practices, they play a vital role in reducing the transmission of illnesses and promoting a cleaner planet. The ripple effect of such practices contributes to a world where communities are healthier, and the risk of infectious diseases is minimized.

    Conclusion: In conclusion, the incorporation of medical cleaning practices into various cleaning situations is a proactive step toward protecting populations and creating a safer world. By leveraging the expertise of services like Crystal Clean Office Cleaning and connecting with professionals through the IJCSA Janitorial Services Directory, individuals and businesses can champion the cause of health and hygiene. As we collectively navigate the challenges of our time, the adoption of medical cleaning practices becomes not just a necessity but a shared responsibility for the well-being of the global community.

  • 04 Mar 2024 7:34 AM | Anonymous member

    Properly cleaning healthcare facilities is extremely important. A healthcare facility is generally a place where people who are sick or have a health problem go to be treated and with that it is essential to properly clean the facility to avoid patients from getting sick. Viruses, bacteria’s and other pathogens are going to enter the facility and disinfecting/cleaning everything correctly can eliminate those pathogens. Healthcare associated infections can make a patient sicker that what they first went into the hospital.

    Hospitals are supposed to be one of the cleanest places but in the other hand it also contains a lot of germs from people who are going in sick. In a hospital there is always people who are touching everything from doorknobs to light switches and if this is not properly clean daily the germs and viruses can become a problem.  Proper training will help identify high traffic areas and with that proper cleaning/disinfecting techniques.

    Having a trained cleaning crew will be of great benefit it will give you a peace of mind knowing that your crew have the knowledge to clean efficiently a healthcare facility.  IJCSA is a great association that offers trainings and with that you can be certain that you get a great cleaning company. Check out to find a certified company.

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