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  • 05 Dec 2020 7:58 AM | Viktoriya Johanson

    Learning about the safety of bloodborne pathogens is an integral part of any cleaners training. Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms found in human blood. The most common of these and HPV and HIV, both of which are lifelong illness’ if contracted. Each cleaner must know the safety protocols of having proper PPE as well as the Universal Standard of removing, cleaning and disinfecting, and disposal of contaminated items. Employees should also be up to date on their companies exposure plan, and any necessary vaccines, before entering a work place where exposure to bloodborne pathogens is present.

  • 05 Dec 2020 7:49 AM | Mollie Buford

    This is a subject that should be taught in every profession due to the many different life styles. If people were more aware of bloodborne pathogens in their daily living there would be a lower rate of disease cases and exposures. Most people think that it can't be them, germs has no boundaries and no limit to destroying your life or your loved ones. It starts with something as simple as washing your hands.

    As cleaning professionals or any other professional we are not just protecting ourselves from being contaminated ; we are also protecting the people around us from being contaminated by us. Contamination works both ways so it is very important to educate the people you come in contact with , with the knowledge you have on bloodborne pathogens and protect each other.

    Working safe and spreading the knowledge to others on how to approach, control, and maintain one of the largest problems we have an issue with today. As far as testing for someone else , you are not helping that person. If or when that person have an accident on a job, they would not know the correct protocol to take as far as helping themselves, this could lead to unsafe work skills and a high risk employee. 

  • 05 Dec 2020 7:13 AM | Christoff Neely

    Commercial Properties are an investment. An investment to the owner, customer and the community at large. These types of properties usually require extensive cleanings that require acute awareness of your surroundings. You are not just cleaning for A customer but multiple customers who are using one common space.

    Custodians are essential for keeping up the appearance and up keep of the building. Also to assist the customers to get through their daily routines in a healthy and safe environment. They know how to keep themselves and the customers safe in the event of an viral outbreak or bodily fluids that may be present on a surface.

    Proper training techniques and extensive communication with clients are second nature with custodians and you can the best right here

  • 04 Dec 2020 10:24 PM | Brian Sadler

         Our business deals with mold and virus remediation & crime scene, trauma clean up. All of these environments pose a sever threat to every worker. the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment is essential in preventing possible exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B, viruses, bacterial infection, and mold and mildew exposure. The same way you treat a gun as always loaded, you treat any workspace and scene as being infected. With this mind set and attitude you will always remain safe. 

         Proper handling of contaminated materials will not only keep you safe but will ensure you do not possibly contaminate other areas and other people. Never take short cuts when donning and offing your PPE. Always dispose of contaminated material safely and properly. Always be aware of possible sharp objects that can not only breech your PPE but may open wounds that can put you even more at risk. 

         Your health and safety is our utmost concern. Proper training and practices will ensure you remain healthy and safe in a hazardous environment that we work in every day.  

  • 04 Dec 2020 8:17 PM | DARRYL PEARSALL

    There may be no limit to what we are exposed to in the janitorial world, but we can limit what we come in contact with in an unhealthy way. In the case of blood borne pathogens which cause illness, disease or even death, we can take every precaution possible. We are to treat each substance, each situation as if it can harm us, and so, approaching the clean-up with caution and wisdom is a must.

    We are to use protective gear including gloves, masks and gowns. We are to seek a safe way of disposal, labeling the debris, sealing it, and making sure no one else has exposure to the clean-up.   

    We are to clean up our own area including self. Disinfecting all equipment used, washing hands immediately after removing gloves, removing gown and disposing properly can all help in reducing or eliminating the spread of bloodborne pathogens.

    Together we can make this job and world a safer place. With people trusting that we are doing our jobs in a safe manner, it is so important that we approach each day with focused attention on staying safe .... and clean.

  • 04 Dec 2020 7:24 PM | Ricardo Ferreira

    The Coronavirus Epidemic in 2020 have demonstrated the importance of have the high level of cleaning in homes and business to minimized the risk of infections by virus and bacteria. 

    • In healthcare the high level of cleaning standards that are used because of the high frequency of infect patients that used this facilities and the  bloodborne pathogens  that are often present can be used in regular home and offices to improve the infection control prevention. 

      The benefits of this higher standard of cleaning at home and regular business are:

    • ·      less employers would be sick and would miss less days of work
    • ·      families and individuals would be less infected by the diseases
    • ·      the society will be more protect in general as spreads of diseases will be great reduce.     

    This higher standard of cleaning is more complex. The used of the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), Cleaning product with the higher grated and the correct application of this products are just some examples of more extend knowledge that is require of the cleaning professional. This professional should have received proper  medical cleaning training and a certified professional is recommend. 

    To find certified cleaning companies that can help you in this higher standard level of cleaning, disinfection and sanitation check the following links of IJCSA Janitorial Service Directory

    Find Professional Certified Medical Cleaning Firms In Your Area Here

  • 04 Dec 2020 6:55 PM | Becky Sherman

    Janitors are a crucial part of keeping public areas safe and clean. They are educated in proper cleaning techniques, tools and products, and are prepared for any situation. 

    Janitors provide a service to the community by monitoring their building for any issues, and ensuring they are resolved. The job extends far beyond cleaning, and can involve key holding, minor maintenance and lawn care. 

    If you find yourself looking for a well trained, well educated, experienced janitor in your area, check our Janitorial Services Directory here:

  • 04 Dec 2020 5:26 PM | Jonathan Dove

    Medical cleaning best practices are a good benchmark to work off of when planning cleaning services for non-medical applications.  Especially in today's world where you need to be prepared with every customer engagement that there could have been a COVID exposure, it's critical to understand the key points on medical cleaning that can help as you enter a residential or commercial cleaning project.

    PPE for medical cleaning is critical.  Understanding what you're walking into determines the level of PPE you need, so translating that to a residential or commercial job it's important that we are communicating with the customer pre-job to understand the current conditions and if there are any additional precautions we need to be taking.

    Process driven cleaning, where you work from the top down, and clean systematically from one side of each room to another is important.  For a commercial job where most rooms you encounter will be similar it's valuable to establish a cleaning process for the room so that you ensure that each room gets the level of attention it needs.  For a residential job, it's important to understand the details of the house you are going into, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and common rooms will help you plan the job in order to clean in an effective manner.

    In today's environment disinfecting is important to understand and communicate.  As you are cleaning top down, each surface, especially the high touch surfaces need to be cleaned using friction with a scrubber/sponge/rag to remove dirt or other material on the surface.  Once the surfaces hav ebeen cleaned you can go back with your disinfectant and let it do the job of killing off the germs and bacteria.  It's important to apply the bacteria and allow it to sit for the appropriate contact time in order to reach maximum efficacy.  If you can allowing the surface to air-dry will give the best results.

    At Prospray we are committed to delivering professional disinfecting services to our local community in the North DFW area.  We aim to serve these groups to enable them to effectively meet the CDC Reopening America Guidance which asks these groups to use an EPA-approved disinfectant as a second step beyond their routine cleaning as we get our public spaces, businesses and schools re-opened.  We believe that our efforts to step into this space and provide this service to our local community will drive safety amongst our neighbors and mitigate the spread of disease.  You can find our company in the IJCSA directory located here:

  • 04 Dec 2020 4:53 PM | Elroy Edwards III

    Why is it important to know about bloodborne pathogens, as a cleaning person?

    It can be hard to keep in mind dangers that we cannot see & in our day to day lives we tend to forget such unsightly dangers. Bloodborne pathogens (BBP) can be all over the place & in areas we least expect & according to the Health and Safety Institute, some BBP can live in dried blood up to 7 days or more. 

    It is very important to know about all personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, protective eyewear, face masks, etc. When used properly PPE can greatly reduce your exposure to BBP & will ultimately help prevent the spread of certain diseases, such as Hep B, Hep C & HIV. Those are just a fraction of many BBP's out there.

    It's very important for cleaning employees to know about BBP simply because, ANYONE exposed to them are at risk in coming in contact with potential infectious microorganisms that can cause serious disease in humans & we are all responsible for protecting ourselves.

  • 04 Dec 2020 2:46 PM | Bobby Bryson

    Are you ready for the Holidays?  Let one of our certified companies help you get your home's surfaces ready for the holiday.  Cleanliness has never been more important than it is in 2020.   With these stressful times let one of our certified companies help relieve some of that stress by doing the job for you!  Services offered are spot and stain removal, steam cleaned carpets and floors, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, pet stain removal, odor removal, and More!!  Also most companies are offering Covid-19 disinfection services.  Find one near you today!! Click the here -

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