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  • 20 Feb 2020 3:32 PM | Shenna Morris

    As people become more conscience of the products used and chemicals present in their everyday lives, many are beginning to seek alternatives that are natural and safe for both their families and the environment. With a number of companies and brands recognizing this shift, there is a rise in the offering of green cleaning product solutions and cleaning services. The wide range of options now available can often leave consumers confused and uncertain of what products and approaches may truly be green and best for their home cleaning needs.  This is where the IJCSA is a valuable resource.

    The IJCSA provides information on a number of its certified green cleaning providers. Consumers can search by location for providers in the Green Cleaning Service Directory. Usage of the directory is a great way to reassure consumers that they are working with a trusted and certified professional. When searching for providers, consumers can find information such as provider website and contact info, types of services provided, and information on how long providers have been in business. 

    Providers listed as green certified have completed IJCSA's Green Cleaning Certification and have a knowledge base of the safest and most effective cleaning solutions for your home.    


  • 20 Feb 2020 2:47 PM | Charles Furry

          Hiring a home cleaning service has its benefits and makes it easier on the customer or yourself even. Hiring a professional certified cleaning service gives people more time with their families and time they can is doing other things than cleaning.

          Hiring a professional they come in using the right tools and cleaning agents necessary to get the job done. Knowing from experiences using the wrong stuff will lead to more problems than it is worth. Hazardous chemicals in your house makes your home dangerous. 

         Hiring a certified company gives you over all better air quality and better health in your home. Let the pros do it.

    Find Your Professional Certified Services Here

  • 20 Feb 2020 1:43 PM | Aaron Goode

    Carpets are very expensive and in a busy life like most of us have they get neglected.  Cleaning is time consuming and often carries the risk of washing the color out or even damaging the carpets you love so much. Which is all the more reason to visit to find a professional cleaner that can help you take the risk and stains out of your carpet cleaning needs, 

  • 20 Feb 2020 1:37 PM | Aaron Goode

    In my business I plan on providing carpet cleaning over replacing carpet.  In the automotive field many people just replace carpets due to flood or spills due to collisions. 

    I want to offer shops and insurance companies the opportunity to save thousands by cleaning.  Many cars in my field end up totaled because of high cost of parts and lack of options.  I hope to change that by offering services they never considered.

  • 20 Feb 2020 11:19 AM | Aaron Goode

    In the areas I work in it’s very Important to be prepared to come in contact with bloodborne pathogens in many ways.  Often in the confinement’s of the passenger compartments of vehicles where blood an bodily fluids are hard to see.  I wear as much PPE as possible, and I treat everything around me as if it’s contaminated.  

    When cleaning I make sure I’m not only using the proper chemicals but I have to test on many surfaces to not cause further damages.  In many cases it’s impossible to clean certain items that are large and often heavy with many sharp edges.  Labeling and disposal of these items is very important to prevent others from mistaking it for “normal” trash.

    In conclusion always follow the universal precautions, use and inspect your PPE, have and use proper labels, bags ,and containers.  Clean your equipment when done , avoid contact with your mouth ,eyes or cuts and scrapes until you’ve washed and disinfected.  If anything happens follow employers exposure plan.

  • 20 Feb 2020 7:13 AM | Katie Vogel Lossner

    Cleaning products are everywhere, marketed to consumers as a way to improve quality of life and provide them with a home which will better their health and the health of their families. Unfortunately, with most products commercially available today, there are multitudes of health problems that these products can cause or exacerbate, which are hidden from the public.

    According to Cleveland Clinic, depending on the ingredients used, all-purpose cleaners can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. They can be highly poisonous to both humans and animals if swallowed. Chlorine bleach liquid and vapors can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat. Dermatitis may result from direct skin contact. Ingestion can cause esophageal injury, stomach irritation and prolonged nausea and vomiting. Antibacterial cleaners usually contain water, a fragrance, a surfactant (to break up dirt), and a pesticide. The pesticides commonly used in antibacterial cleaners are quaternary ammonium or phenolic chemicals. Antibacterial cleaners can irritate your eyes and burn your skin and throat. The basic ingredients of window/glass cleaners are ammonia and isopropanol. These products may be irritating to the eyes, skin, nose, and throat. If swallowed, they may cause drowsiness, unconsciousness or death. Chlorine and alkyl ammonium chlorides are the common fungicide chemicals found in mold and mildew removers. Cleaners with mold and mildew removers may cause breathing problems and if swallowed, can burn your throat. Furniture cleaners for wood may contain petroleum distillates and oil of cedar. Furniture polish typically contains one or more of the following substances: ammonia, naphtha, nitrobenzene, petroleum distillates and phenol. These chemicals may irritate your skin, eyes, throat, lungs, and windpipe. If swallowed, furniture polish can cause nausea and vomiting; medical help should be sought.

    Furthermore, these same products that harm our own health also negatively impact the health of our planet. As the EPA points out on its website, certain ingredients in cleaning products can present hazard concerns to exposed populations or toxicity to aquatic species in waters receiving inadequately treated wastes. For example, alkylphenol ethoxylates, a common surfactant ingredient in cleaners, have been shown in laboratory studies to function as an "endocrine disrupter," causing adverse reproductive effects of the types seen in wildlife exposed to polluted waters. Ingredients containing phosphorus or nitrogen can contribute to nutrient-loading in water bodies, leading to adverse effects on water quality. Additionally, volatile organic compounds (VOC) in cleaning products can affect indoor air quality and also contribute to smog formation in outdoor air.

    Regrettably for consumers, avoiding these products can be exceedingly difficult, and cleaning product manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on the labels of their chemicals. However, by selecting a certified green cleaner from IJCSAs directory, consumers may eliminate these concerns and focus more on their day-to-day living.

  • 19 Feb 2020 7:14 PM | Martha Wilson

    Going green is the best way to go here at Imagann Cleaning Service, It has so many benefits that it can bring ot our clients and to this company, like fewer health risk. its cost efficient and its good for the enviornment. Training or staff on the importance of green cleaning and how it can help us in a effective way. Some employees fall back on old cleaning method and think everyday cleaning products are the best way to go but they are not, alot of them can be hazardous to your health but the green cleaning products are all natural.

     First, we must check out the facility that we will be servicing and find out the current cleaning program that is used. The are certain things that we look for such as entryways, protective barriers like matting and plastic strips curtains they decrease the chance  that outdoor contaminants are bought in. The equipment that  is being used. That's why her at Imagann we ensure that everyone is trained not only on using cleaning products but the equipment as well that's why going green will provide some level of improvement. The green program is to achieve its full potential.

    Imagann trains our staff on the in's and outs of everyday cleaning products and the effects it can have on your health and on the environment. Natural cleaning products are the best way to go, the green cleaning program is designed with the foal of protecting the health and safety of a building occupants while cleaning a facility effectively. 

    Find Professional Green Cleaning Companies Here

  • 19 Feb 2020 6:18 PM | Marilyn Nozaki

    The world is changing and many companies are changing its policies as well, especially regarding to practices that affects the environment. At PMC Group Services is not going to be different; we are a one hundred percent green cleaning company. 

    We have started already using practices of cleaning that minimize the impact on the environment. Moreover, it is also important have this policy on our company due to fact it is a way of making the customers aware that we care about the environment and human life. 

    There are various substitutes of cleaning products, all natural, such as baking soda, white vinegar, isopropyl alchool, salt, lemon juice, borax. 

    The benefits are of using green cleaning products are:

    • Productivity and morale of building occupants improved
    • Health of building occupants improved
    • Awareness
    • Reduce Liability from worker safety issues
    • Satisfaction from helping to make the community a better place

    Our company is a IJCSA Green Cleaning Certified and can be found at

  • 19 Feb 2020 4:21 PM | Ashley brooks

    In any industry that involves exposure to blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B or HIV the importance of educating your employees is not only important for the safety of your employees but also required by law. Symptoms can sometimes take years to show themselves so reporting as soon as an incident happens is of the upmost importance. 

    Simple mistakes like cross contaminating dirty linens, not sanitizing your tools after job completion, compressing a trash bag containing needles, or not wearing proper protection such as gloves and eye wear can put an employee in a life threatening situation. Simple contact with employees nose, eyes, mouth or breaks in skin will expose them to these diseases and all incidents should be treated as if they were exposed to contamination. 

    As an employer it is imperative that you have a exposure plan on hand at all times,  you provide each employee with this plan, you keep a kit on hand for protection, and you provide your employee with proper vaccinations if they request it. 

    More info on bloodborne pathogens here. 

  • 19 Feb 2020 3:06 PM | Katie Vogel Lossner

    As a small, locally owned business, it is important to rise noticeably above the competition. One important way to achieve the goal of standing out from a crowd in what can sometimes feel like a saturated market is to show potential customers that their health, safety, and well being is first and foremost. Cleaning is, after all, a service industry - driven by caring for customers, their families, and their most precious and personal environment: their home.

    Obviously, green products are far better for our planet than their chemical, man-made counterparts due to biodegradability, sustainability, and toxicity among other factors, but the benefits they offer are also keenly felt inside a home. When considering products to use in cleaning someones home, much consideration should be given to the residents of the home, and the health impacts that such products can have. Green products and cleaning can provide assurance that children, pets, people with respiratory or skin sensitivities, the elderly, and other at-risk groups, as well as largely healthy individuals, will not come to any harm as a side effect of a cleaning service. Providing this assurance to potential customers by using products known to be safer allows the customer to enjoy a cleaner home environment without worry of side-effects, and allows the business to showcase commitment to a healthier home environment for potential customers as well as a healthier world for all of us.

    Find Professional Certified Green Cleaning Services Here

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