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The Importance of Cleaning employees knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

15 Jul 2024 2:13 PM | Anthony Willis

Cleaning employees and staff play a critical role in the ongoing effort to control the spread of germs and pathogens which can often lead to any number of diseases including but not limited to HIV and HBV.  When we receive training and education on bloodborne pathogens, we help guard against the spread of contagions that can result in negative health consequences for anyone who might otherwise be exposed to them. 

As a professional in the janitorial services field, I value the training that I received particularly since I work in medical facilities.  My training has helped me to better understand best practices for the properly handling of trash including a process which is very common that being the compacting of trash within trash liners and how that is a potentially hazardous practice which I will advise my staff not to perform.

My training has also helped me to better understand the most likely sources for the transmission and exposure to bloodborne pathogens, that being that pathogens are most likely to enter our bodies through our mucus membranes and or through cuts to our skin.  I think that most cleaning professionals take the basic precaution of wear gloves but armed with a better understanding of the other ways an infections can occur, I am inclined to resume wearing additional PPE including protective eyewear and a face mask.  

I think our collective relief that the threat posed from COVID 19 has been drastically reduced, got us all a little lax and this training reaffirmed the need for cleaning professionals to be as vigilant now as we were in the not- so-distant past.


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