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Advantages of hiring a cleaner with the IJCSA RCS certification

05 Jul 2024 11:47 PM | Jennifer Medina

There are many advantages to hiring a professional to do a job in your home. For one, they have the licenses or certifications and two, because they were trained, they know what they are doing. When getting your home cleaned you don't want just anyone to clean your house because there are just too many things that can go wrong. 

The key advantages, however, to hiring a professional cleaner that is also certified as a residential cleaning specialist through the IJCSA is far beyond just the service that will be received but the quality of work will have you wanting to not use another company again.

As I say this, let me speak of some examples. When cleaning your home we are specialized in "special cleaning" which allows us to work on removing mold/mildew while other companies will tell you that you need to hire someone else to take care of it and most of the time, some of these companies that come to clean your home will either refuse to clean that area or clean it wrong causing the mold to keep coming back and worse, spread more.

Step by step we carefully examine from top to bottom what needs to be done in each room individually and not also focus on one task at a time to ensure it gets done, but we also use the proper equipment and techniques to make sure it gets done correctly. For instance, we do not use the same cloth for everything. We use three different cloths each color coded for a specific purpose to ensure everything is properly clean and no grease, dust, or bacteria is spread to harm you or your valuables at home. 

Another thing, hiring a cleaner that is certified as a residential cleaning specialist through the IJCSA will ultimately save a customer time because a lot of things we will do in your home as a "standard" clean, a lot of other companies will want to charge extra as if it were a "deep clean" or "extra" service. Many things that I have noticed is that I can hire someone and if they do not do one thing and I go back to them, they will tell me that it costs extra however, at IJCSA these cleaners, these companies that are certified through this organization as Residential cleaning specialists are real specialists and do what they are supposed to do rather than other companies who will do some of what they're supposed to do but also charge extra on things that shouldn't.


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