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Customer service

09 Jul 2024 5:50 PM | Alicee Taylor

Great customer services hard to come by is not the easiest , but it can be if you follow these simple seven steps. Step one is to always be aware of what the customer want. You need to believe what they say. Listen to what it is they want. Apologize for the inconvenience in their day and be very empathetic. Solve this problem to the best of Of your ability seek assistance if needed. And lastly thank the customer. 

Follow up with the customer via phone call, email or survey.  This must be done to ensure the customer is truly satisfied. This may also potentially stop you from getting a bad review from a customer. All businesses certificated with IJCSA displays this type of customer service every time. Want to find put for yourself? Take a look at the IJCSA Business Directory to find a business near you to satisfy your needs. 

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