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Why being green is better

12 Jul 2024 11:09 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

Being a cleaner that uses green cleaning products, equipment and techniques or a company that does the same has many benefits. Some benefits can include better employee morale, employee retention, and better customer satisfaction.

There have been many changes to the percentage of certain chemicals that are allowed in products as well as certain chemicals that are no longer allowed in products period. These chemicals that are now banned or required to be below a certain percentage are toxic to people, pets and the environment. These regular cleaning products can cause people to have reactions to them or their ingredients, such as raspatory symptoms, skin reactions, reduced cognitive function and headaches. 

Environmental impact is another area where green cleaning products thrive. Eco friendly cleaning products often times are biodegradable and will not accumulate in the environment. They also are less toxic to wildlife and will not contribute to toxic sludge build up in wastewater treatment facilities. 

Businesses that use green cleaning products might be able to get lower insurance premiums due to that they are safer to handle, transport and store. If a company is uses regular cleaning products, they cloud be charged an environmental cleanup fee if a spill happens. When used correctly eco-friendly products will not cause damage to surfaces, again saving a company from using their insurance to cover damages.

Green cleaning products have another benefit that I have not talked about yet. When I was young, I worked for a commercial cleaning contractor. I was trained on how to use a 2 in 1 oil based stainless-steel cleaner and polish. I was not taught to wear gloves, just to use it with paper towels and it left my hands a little oily. One day I read the back of the label, it said in fine print at the very bottom that it caused birth defects and sterilization, I never used it again. So, what do you want your spouse or kids around? eco-friendly products or hazardous cleaning chemicals?

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