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Locating a Trusted Cleaning Company with IJCSA

02 Jul 2024 2:18 PM | Deleted user

When you decide to hire a cleaning company you must keep in mind that there will be individuals entering your home and performing cleaning processes on your biggest investment. Hiring a company that has not been properly trained can have detrimental effects on items in your home. For example, if a cleaning company has not been properly trained and they clean your oven with a cleaner when it is a self-cleaning unit, your oven could quit working properly and cost hundreds to replace. Also what would happen if a cleaner came into your home and removed valuable items without your knowledge? These are all concerns that the general public should have when deciding to hire a cleaning company. 

There are many websites that can be utilized to help locate companies in your area. Simply enter your city and you can end up with a laundry list of service providers near you. But how do you know that these providers have had training? How can you be sure that they are a trusted source?

By utilizing the IJCSA's Maid Service Directory you can be put in contact with businesses that have been highly trained and vetted. Not only does the IJCSA offer training in everything from customer service to green cleaning procedures, they also provide basic training on how to properly clean residential homes and businesses. They equip their students with the knowledge on how to properly perform a cleaning from start to finish and how to test products and materials before damage can be caused to your investments. Trust in the IJCSA's industry backed training programs to link you with providers who will deliver outstanding service. 


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