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The Dangers of Bloodborne Pathogens

08 Jul 2024 3:57 PM | Alyssa Boisen

Bloodborne Pathogens are very dangerous. People don't realize that one poke could change everything and leave you with a lifelong disease. It is very important to know what you are doing and to know what to watch out for. 

I believe Bloodborne Pathogen training is so important and that coming into contact with possible contaminants is becoming more and more common. I think it is so important that they should require more people to take the trainings due to exposure being more common. You would be surprised on the types of jobs that really come into contact with it. When you think of bloodborne pathogens you think of medical professionals, you wouldn't really think of a gas station worker. I personally know an individual who works in a gas station and regularly comes into contact with possible contaminants. 

The point is, Bloodborne Pathogen training is so important that everyone should have some form of training. Most jobs require CPR Training, Bloodborne Pathogen training is just as important and should be offered just like CPR. This training could potentially save someone's life.


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