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Bloodborne pathogens and your staff.

09 Jul 2024 3:06 PM | Alicee Taylor

Today I want to tell you about Blood borne pathogens and the importance of cleaning employees. To make sure that we are not cross contaminating, washing hands is definitely an important must do, but that is not the only precaution that we need to take. Whenever one is working with blood or any bodily fluids it is important to remember your universal precautions. Always clean up afterwards,  sterilizing the area to prevent people from coming in contact with Germs, Bacteria, or pathogenic micronism.

Bloodborne pathogens are Pathanogenic Microorganisms that are present in the human body and can cause diseases. Some of these diseases include , but are not limited to , hepatitis b virus (HBV), Human immunodeficiency virus  (HIV), AIDS, etc. This is why it is important to always practice your universal precautions. Always wear your personal protective equipment when working with blood or body fluids at the work place. Always be sure to clean the area with the proper sanitize solution and dispose of all the trash properly. Always handle needles and sharp objects with care disposing it into the proper red bio container. Never into an open trash bin.

What are universal precautions? Universal precautions are a set of infection control practices used in Healthcare to prevent the transmission of diseases that can be spread through the body and other bodily fluids. The principal behind universal precautions is to treat all patients as if they are potentially infectious. This minimizes the risk of transmission. There are also additional measures to protect against airborne pathogens. These precautions was introduced in the 1980s, in response to the aids epidemic that are designed to protect both healthcare workers in patients. Key components include 

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Hand hygiene

Safe handling of sharp objects

Use of barriers..

Inconclusion , it is very important for every one on your staff to know about bloodborne pathogens and the precautions that is needed when cleaning the work place. Doing these things in having knowledge of bloodborne pathogens can minimize the risk of transmitting a diseases from patient to worker or worker to patient. It is always best to make sure every employee is properly trained and to maintain a schedule of continued education to ensure that everybody is aware of bloodborne pathogens and what precautions to take.

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