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4 Reasons to Hire a Certified Cleaner

13 Jul 2024 1:32 PM | Benjamin Lewis

Below are four reasons you should consider a certified commercial cleaner

1) Education- they know what they are doing. The education requirement to become a IJCSA certified residential cleaner is quite a bit for most people.  This education is easier for some than others is focused around chemical safety, heath considerations, proper PPE and knowing when to use certain techniques to give a show room finish.

2) Chemical Safety Chemical safety is paramount to an IJCSA member's ability to serve the customer.  The key advantage to the IJSCA is the information on green cleaning approaches and the consideration of the environment when cleaning.  Everyone is capable of cleaning, but are they capable of leaving a safer environment when they are done?

3) Consistent Approach - Attention to Detail Because the training of the IJSCA is so detailed, you are able to know the cleaner has been trained on the little things.  The bottom of the refrigerator is an often overlooked area.  Another is the sliding glass door.  These ares are left in a condition that you know attention was paid, and a checklist was followed thoroughly.

4) Ability to Solve Problems

IJCSA members have a unique ability to solve problems faced by the day to day activies.  For instance a residential cleaner will have knowledge of carpet cleaning solutions.  In many cases, the cleaner can help you set up an appointment and give you ideas on how to deal with an issue before it escalates into a much bigger issue.

The IJCSA is a group of people committed to making indoor air quality better by using safe chemistries, reducing pathogens and dust.  While improving the overall quality of life for folks by providing a clean environment.  We will strive to ensure you are happy with our service, we will continue to work with our partner companies to improve the service, and if you have any suggestions for improvement we would be glad to hear about how we can improve.


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