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Carpet Cleaning & WaterPro

12 Nov 2023 6:12 PM | Benjamin Lewis

WaterPro Environmental Service has deep ties to the carpet industry.  After years of work in carpet manufacturing, Colt went into the water treatment and chemical sales industry.  From there WaterPro emerged as a service company to provide industry, agriculture and business with disinfection and bio-security solutions.  WaterPro was formed to provide our customers with "Less Chemistry, More Knowledge"

With this approach to disinfection, we seek to provide custom solutions for business to deal with health and environmental concerns.  That means focusing on everything the customers comes into contact with.  That includes the floor, the ceiling, the HVAC, the walls, the bathroom, the toilet and everything in between.  Carpet cleaning is  1 facet of a multi facet approach to total building disinfection.

WaterPro looks to leverage it's knowledge in the chemical industry, with it's relationship with IJCSA Carpet Cleaners to provide total building disinfection with the use of a novel disinfectant solution that works well at removing the bacteria that causes odors, while also killing pathogens such as viruses, fungi and bacteria.


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