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In regards to bloodborne pathogen trained employees

17 Jun 2024 8:32 PM | Harley Anderson

Being educated on what bloodborne pathogens you may come across in your every day life is truly vital for all humans. Although you may only clean residential environments that don't require this type of training, accidents can happen and you may be asked to clean up a mess that you truly need training on.If you know what bloodborne pathogens exist you may decline cleaning this mess in the correct situation.

Having a certification on bloodborne pathogens plays an integral role in medical offices, oral surgery offices, schools and beyond. Without the proper cleaning protocol, residual pathogens may remain, contaminating the environment and creating harmful dangers to new inhabitants.

Since we as cleaners have taken on the responsibility of keeping all types of environments clean and healthy for any activities that may go on there, it is important that we are able to protect ourselves and our employees so that we can further be of service to the public.

Bloodborne pathogens can cause harmful disease that can affect your own life and those around you. Taking the training course with IJCSA can prepare you to take a step back when you encounter any of these situations in your every day or work life and handle them with the proper care and procedures 


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