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Why is green cleaning so important

18 Jun 2024 6:17 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

Why is green cleaning so important to every living creature on the earth? There are many resources that prove that there is a direct correlation between using eco-friendly products and reducing toxins in the environment.

We all rely on the same eco system, so shouldn't we all make sure we do everything we can to protect it? With out a complete and healthy eco system the repercussions could be staggering, the cost of goods would be unimaginable. The food we consume could become inedible because they would contain to many and or toxins at a level that renders them dangerous for consumption.

Green cleaning is also important to human health. Our bodies can absorb chemicals in many ways, which include breathing, consuming and absorption. Some of these chemicals can cause serious inflictions to our bodies, some include sterilization, birth defects, cancer, organ failure, etc. Some affects can't necessarily be easily noticed and can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, cognitive function issues and more.

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