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Why Is Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Importan

10 Jun 2024 3:49 PM | Jacob Bailey

Properly cleaning and disinfecting Healthcare facilities is important for your safety, the patients safety and other healthcare workers. Preventing the spread of germs and reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections is a top priority in these facilities. With the help of the CDC many practices have been put into place to help guide workers in successfully preventing the spread of illnesses. Rules and regulations have been created as well as proper training programs to help ensure this is done efficiently.

The level of application varies for surface infections. Base, intermediate and high levels are the categories in which the pathogens are separated. Some pathogens require higher levels of germicidal chemicals due to their resistance levels. Insuring the proper disinfectant being used to clean is crucial in keeping employees and staff safe. Step one of cleaning is to physically remove debris and contents from the infected area. Step two is using a freshly saturated wipe or CaviCide cloth to cleanse the area. You must wait the recommended time on any product being used. Failure to do so can result in an improper cleanse. There may be bacteria left over and otherwise spread.

Protecting yourself with proper PPE is another important practice to include in your janitorial routine. Businesses are required to provide the correct PPE for each worker, ensuring they are provided the proper tools to safely perform their jobs. Being aware of your surroundings and mindful of the tasks at hand can help certify you do these things correctly. Pathogens can contaminate both hard and porous surfaces. Patients can come into direct contact with contaminated surfaces, or indirectly through contaminated hands and gloves of healthcare workers. Proper disposal of this gear is also pivotal.

Healthcare facilities are often filled with ill individuals who have lower immune systems. This makes these facilities a common place for spreading contagious infections and diseases. Following the correct protocol can help yourself and everyone around you to stay as healthy as possible and limit the possibility of spreading more infectious disease. This can also benefit the general community and world as a whole safeguarding our health.


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