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How Important are Janitors and Janitorial Staff to our Daily Lives

25 Jun 2024 5:18 PM | Deleted user

How important are janitors and janitorial staff to our daily lives? Janitors are extremely important to our daily lives. Whether in our workplaces, eateries, recreational activities, janitors and their work should not be understated.

Janitors and their work are extremely important to cleanliness and the control of potentially infectious diseases. Therefore, janitors must pay close attention to detail and be on top of never-ending, but important tasks because their work is directly related to keeping employees and the public safe and healthy.

Janitors are responsible for helping to project a positive impression of the facilities. When facilities are clean and well-maintained, it is easy for others to have a favorable opinion of the establishment. So, janitors and their work have a direct impact on how people feel about an institution. 

So how important are janitors in our daily lives? Janitors, although many times unnoticed, are important to employee morale and public opinion. Good janitors are important! Please see International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory ( for more details.


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