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The Importance of Properly Cleaning Healthcare Facilities

23 Jun 2024 11:43 AM | Rachelle Hiltbrand

Properly cleaning healthcare facilities is extremely important. Healthcare facilities are full of germs and other harmful bacteria that can be spread to others. Germs can easily spread without even knowing it considering germs cannot be seen by the naked eye. Wearing proper PPE and properly disinfecting surfaces is critical to the health of a healthcare facility.

Janitorial staff can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in a healthcare facility by wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). The most commonly recommended PPE for janitorial staff in healthcare facilities are gloves and eyewear. Janitorial staff can also wear a protective gown, mask, and hair cover. PPE protects the employee from touching or inhaling the germs and when properly disposed of can help to reduce the spread and exposure of germs.

Janitorial staff can also ensure that healthcare facilities are being properly cleaned by ensuring all surfaces are wiped down with the proper cleaning solution. The instructions for the cleaning solution need to be followed so that it can work properly. It is important for the surface area to be left wet for the recommended dwell time to make sure it has enough time to properly kill germs and bacteria.

Germs are everywhere and its impossible to get rid of all of them. However, it is essential for healthcare facilities to do what they can to manage them and prevent the spread. Two key ways this can occur is by wearing PPE and properly using cleaning solutions.  

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