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How being green cleaning certified will benefit my company

13 Apr 2024 10:56 AM | Javier Borceguin

Becoming green cleaning certified is something that will benefit those around me in my company because of all the benefits that come with practicing green cleaning. Harmful substances are in a lot of products used in everyday items such as out clothes and cleaning products, which is why it is the best idea to stay away from them as much as we can. 

Green cleaning is the use of using green cleaning products in your cleaning services for others. They also include techniques and protocols so that one could minimize their own exposure to these harmful chemicals sometimes known as volatile organic compounds (VOC's). It is important to note that these VOC's can really do some damage not only to humans but also to the environment if they are not contained properly (as mentioned in the green cleaning program trainings). 

Being green cleaning certified will also help ensure my employees stay safe when cleaning since they will also know how to use these products properly. Their health is my utmost importance, so I want to ensure that they are receive great training to minimize any risk of getting harmful health reactions to any VOC's that can cross their path. 

Finally, one of the most convenient parts of green cleaning is the green packaging it comes in. The products claim to be biodegradable, meaning they will not stay in the environment for long if they somehow get out. Protecting the world and environment from harmful chemicals is something we as humans must make our priority. 

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