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Key Advantages Of Hiring A Cleaning Person Or Company That Has Passed The IJCSA RCS Certification

29 Mar 2024 12:13 PM | Lori Weber

When an individual begins their search for a cleaning service, there are a few things that factor in to what type of business they ultimately want servicing the home they've spent so much time and effort on.  People want a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service that exceeds their customer service expectations, knows how to safely use cleaning products that won't cause harm to them, their property, or the loved ones in their home, and take proper precautions when handling potentially infectious materials.

After doing their research, they'll find many advantages to hiring a cleaning company that has passed the IJSCA Residential Cleaning Certification. The industry professionals of IJSCA are well trained in the things that matter, like customer service. They'll get a friendly cleaning service that truly cares about customer needs, provides exceptional results, and can offer solutions to any issues that may cause the customer to not be 100% satisfied with the service they've received. 

Not only will the individual find great customer service with cleaning companies that have received their IJSCA Residential Cleaning certification, but they'll get reassurance in knowing that the cleaning professional they're entrusting their homes and well-being to are thoroughly trained in chemical hazard information.  IJSCA residential cleaning specialists are well-informed of the proper use and health risks associated with a wide array of cleaning chemicals.  The individual can trust that IJSCAs RCSs will keep the health and wellness of their family at the forefront of their mind when choosing and using cleaning products in their home.

Another key advantage of hiring a professional cleaning business that has passed the Residential Cleaning Certification through IJSCA, is that individuals with health issues that may require the use of needles/syringes can be assured that our cleaning professionals have extensively trained on potentially infectious materials.  Not only does IJSCA train its cleaning professionals on the health risks associated with bloodborne pathogens, but also on the proper precautions to take to avoid exposure.  Furthermore, we're informed of the actions to take in the case of accidental contact with potentially infectious material.  Our safety as well as the individuals is of the highest priority when providing professional cleaning services.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company that has passed IJSCA's Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification.  Individuals that are in search of excellent cleaning services that will keep their family's health and well-being in mind when using chemicals, that exceed expectations and truly care about their needs, and that can keep themselves safe and informed while providing services to homes that could potentially put them at risk of exposure to disease; need to look no further.  Professional cleaning businesses that have completed their Residential Cleaning Specialist Certification though IJSCA offer superior advantages to individuals looking for a cleaning service that provides everything they need in comparison to non-certified and unprofessional cleaning companies.


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