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26 Mar 2024 1:57 PM | Nadine Mackey

It is crucial to have knowledge about the chemicals in cleaning products in order to select safer options.  Hazards to one's health might arise from cleaning chemicals.  Toxic or corrosive compounds are found in many cleaning products. Skin allergies and inflammation of the eyes may result from exposure to these chemicals.  Respiratory problems may arise from breathing in certain substances included in cleaning products. Long-term exposure to certain drugs may raise the chance of developing cancer.

Moreover, a variety of hazardous substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), may be released by standard air fresheners and cleaning supplies. These VOCs are present in both conventional and "green" goods, and they have the potential to be hazardous to human health. Picking "green" cleaning solutions with third-party safety certificates and no aroma is something to think about.

Given how many people may be exposed to VOCs at work, the health risks associated with them are particularly worrisome. Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are more common among those who work in the cleaning sector. Concerns about the environment already exist, and VOCs released by consumer goods may exacerbate outdoor air pollution.

The popularity of "green" cleansers is rising as more people become aware of the damaging consequences that chemicals may have on the environment and our health. This is due to the fact that they are manufactured using natural, non-toxic components that have no known negative impact on the environment or your health.

When purchasing cleaning solutions, aim for fragrance-free choices to lessen your exposure to potentially dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). solutions with strong third-party certifications are a good place to start. When feasible, direct product spraying into a sponge or cloth should be done. Ventilate the areas you're cleaning.

Being tidy alone does not make a room clean. It may also entail employing safer and purer cleaning agents to create better living environments. Green cleaning products are a great option for anyone who struggles with allergies or skin sensitivities because they generally don't carry this danger. You may feel safer knowing that your kids and pets won't be at danger for health problems if you use green cleaning products.


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