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"How Being Green Cleaning Certified" will benefit your company

26 Mar 2024 10:40 AM | Nadine Mackey

Cleaning matters now more than ever. I must Show my clients that a respected, independent authority has verified that my cleaning products, practices and procedures meet the highest industry standards for safety, effectiveness and health.  IJCSA Green cleaning certification will differentiate my company and put a mark of the extra value I provide my customers.

It's also important to realize that green cleaning today entails more than just utilizing environmentally friendly solutions. It also entails making use of goods that support sustainability. This can include the product's manufacturing process, which uses natural and renewable resources, its packaging, which uses bigger containers and recycled materials to cut down on the quantity of paper and plastic used for packing, and the fuel required in transportation.

To transition my business to green cleaning, I must educate myself on green goods and the ways in which they might be used to different aspects of my company. I'll acquaint myself with the proper cleaning techniques to use the items. It's crucial to understand the right methods for applying goods on different surfaces. To achieve a deeper clean, I'll make sure my cleaning crew is aware of the proper ways to use the product properly.

I always make it a point to find out from client’s what kind of surfaces they require cleaning, how frequently they need to be cleaned to comply with standards, and what kind of surfaces they need to be cleaned. To accomplish internal goals for my team, I will put together a transition plan that may include establishing a deadline for the usage of green cleansers and the total discontinuation of old goods to reduce waste. To minimize wasting current goods and create a realistic timeframe that works for everyone.


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