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Advantages of Incorporating a Mold Cleaning Program

03 Mar 2024 7:50 PM | William Boston

While there are many facets to the cleaning industry, mold remediation, and detection are the most important. Undetected mold can lead to physical ailments including headaches, sore throat, runny nose, and even skin rashes in the customers we are tasked with protecting through our services. A cleaning service (no matter how small) should always be vigilant in recognizing the signs of a mold issue and being able to intervene for the safety of themselves and their customer. 

Incorporating a mold cleaning program into your business can not only generate another stream of revenue, it can also allow you to work closely with your community members to provide safe spaces for individuals and families while also keeping yourself and your employees safe on the job. Understanding how mold works, how it can manifest in individuals, and how to treat it can change the game for your business and the customers that you serve.

Here at 850 Bio, we plan on incorporating a mold cleaning service into our suite of offered services. Through a mold remediation service, we can offer our customers not only a clean space after an incident or trauma but also a space where they can be healthy and happy again. We will work on training to help technicians locate the hidden mold and establish policies and procedures for how to treat homes or businesses in which mold is located. We will keep the highest levels of PPE in the trucks, even if we do not initially believe that the home may be contaminated. Safety for ourselves and our customers is the most important piece of our job and we take it very seriously. 


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