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How to plan and implement a green service program in your business?

19 Feb 2024 11:58 AM | SAUL SANTIAGO

1.- Make a commitment as the company's management to carry out an effective and sustainable ecological cleaning plan that is respectful of the workers, the community and the environment.

Create a responsible and committed team to oversee the entire system.

Carry out an inspection of the facilities where you are going to work, to identify current chemicals, equipment and tools that are not considered eco-friendly so that they can be easily changed and become sustainable.

Identify the occupants of the building, with special needs and sensitivities (allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivity), to proceed with the elimination of irritating and toxic products and fragrances.

Raise awareness among workers to avoid unnecessary water loss and energy saving (turn off lights where they are not needed)

Prepare a waste management plan and supervise its execution.


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