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Choose an IJCSA Professional To Clean Your Home

05 Feb 2024 6:43 AM | Javon Agnew

Your home is your castle, and finding the right individual or company to clean it is very important.  By the home is a safe haven or space that one goes to eat, sleep, and carry out family functions and duties, the organization and cleanliness of it also plays a role in one's peace of mind as well.  Primarily, it is up to the residents living in the space to maintain the home, and in doing so, sometimes they may other individuals for this responsibility.  There are a myriad of reasons, including the business of life that may leave one unable to or not having time to organize and/or clean the home in the manner that is desirable to them.  Why not leave the guesswork of cleaning your home to an IJCSA professional!  

When choosing a home & residential cleaning professional, along with the cost to clean the home, there are several equally important factors when making your decision.  Since professionalism is at the top of the list of an IJCSA residential cleaning company, look for special certifications.  We are certified in residential cleaning, bloodborne pathogens, and chemical hazards which gives us the aptitude to get the job done efficiently.  The utilization of various supplies, chemicals (based on Safety Data Sheet knowledge) and equipment also help in effectively treating and cleaning various areas of the home.  We have a standard way of cleaning and will also take on special cleaning tasks such as mold & mildew removal, oven & refrigerator cleaning, and wall washing just to name a few.  These items are no challenge for us, and can be maintained on a specified rotation to improve the healthy and quality of the home!

In choosing an IJCSA professional to clean your home, we take great pride in our work and maintain certain standards each time we clean your home.  There are furniture and surface specific cloths and products for each task, and we clean from top to bottom to ensure a dust-free environment.  With the floors being the last surface to touch, we make sure all of our equipment is sanitized in between each client to further the healthy and sanitary standards for the home. Also, you can be best assured that an IJCSA professional always exercises professionalism when interacting with the customer during the cleaning in conversation and in dealings.  

For these reasons, an IJCSA professional would love to clean your home!

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