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Customer Service Is A Priority for IJCSA Professionals

19 Dec 2023 5:34 PM | Javon Agnew

IJCSA members know how important customer service is to their business.  As a matter of fact, without it, there is no business.  Taking care of customers and making sure that they are heard and understood is the number one priority when it comes to customer satisfaction. Once a customer has gained the trust through professionalism, pleasantness, and ability, the relationship can be furthered nurtured through some definite "tlc" and effort in order to continue to receive business as well as further grow the business with new customers.

During the business relationship in janitorial services, the IJCSA professional strongly emphasizes empathizing with the customers' needs by simply listening to what the needs are and coming up with various solutions in handling issues or complaints.  The IJCSA professionals are forward thinking when it comes to follow-up through phone calls and email campaigns to keep the customer on their minds and vice versa.  Through weekly, monthly and quarterly follow-ups, IJCSA janitorial services stay in touch with their clients and also provide pertinent company news and information to their customers.  

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