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How to implement medical cleaning practices into other commercial and residential cleaning situations

09 Nov 2023 8:51 PM | Deleted user

Healthcare facilities must take their cleanliness seriously. Many germs and pathogens pass through them daily, and with the right cleaning products and methods, you can fight against certain bacteria and illness. But, these methods could also be used in other businesses and facilities. Whether its your workplace, a restaurant , or even peoples homes, you can use these cleaning methods to make that environment healthier. Having a clean environment can increase employee productivity, reduce the spread of disease, and improve a businesses reputation. 

One very important practice that professional medical cleaners use is the appropriate personal protective equipment , otherwise known as PPE. This includes gloves, gowns, goggles, face masks, and respirators. Depending on how difficult the cleaning job is, use the appropriate PPE to protect yourself and  decrease the spread of infection. This would also be useful for commercial and residential businesses. A grand number of people go out and go to different stores everyday, it is very important for any public space to make sure they are cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly. You must protect yourself from all of these different type of pathogens. You can't help make a space clean and healthier if you are sick yourself. 

Another important practice professional medical cleaners use is thoroughly sanitizing and disinfecting. Sanitizing is the act of killing bacteria on a surface using chemicals while disinfecting is the act of killing viruses and bacteria using chemicals.You must use the correct type of sanitizer and disinfectant that your health department recommends. The most common types of disinfectants are chlorine, iodine, and alcohol. Different situations call for different products. After being done with any cleaning job, make sure to thoroughly disinfect your cleaning utensils as well as anything you brought with you to the job. This will help decrease the possibility of cross contamination. 

The first priority of a business should be the heath of its workers and customers. We must do everything in our power to stop the spread of bacteria and infection. Viruses and bacteria can be spread in many different ways. They can be spread by breathing certain air, by food and water, contact with the sick, and even animals. Certain viruses are serious and life threatening. With the right cleaning methods, the risk of illness being spread is decreased. This also means less sick days from employees and more productivity for the business. 


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