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Why it's Important to Know About Bloodborne Pathogens as a Cleaning Professional

28 Jan 2024 7:42 AM | Kimberly Sanchez

Why get educated as a cleaning professional on Bloodborne Pathogens?  It is extremely important to understand what are bloodborne pathogens and, the importance of clean-up. 

First off what are Bloodborne Pathogens? They are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause diseases in many humans. The most common diseases are (HBV) Hepatitis B Virus, (HIV) Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

Who can come in contact with these contagious diseases? 

Well, anyone can come in contact with bloodborne pathogens more importantly but, not least anyone who works directly with Bloodborne Pathogens weather it's a healthcare worker or a cleanup staff. 

It's extremely important that the cleaning crew gets educated on the effects of coming in to contact with body fluids of any kind and, blood that is contaminated with the mentioned above virus and, learn how to take precaution while on clean-up duty, to prevent spreading or viruses that can cause health issues to you or even worst these dieses can be life-threatening to anyone.

This is why cleaners have an important job to do. Knowing the importance of what the protocol is and, what to do in case you do come in contact with these deadly bloodborne pathogens. To prevent any further spread is a most. For example, following the OSHA guidelines to help eliminate your exposure, having this knowledge can help anyone. Cleaner can also save lives and other personals health just by being well informed doing their job right. Taking your job serious is a great responsibility.

We can all do our part by getting educated on Bloodborne Pathogens. 


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