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Harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals compared to using Natural Green Products

02 Sep 2023 4:15 AM | Nicolas Castaneda

Everyday cleaning products can have many damaging effects on one's health and the environment, especially in comparison to using green cleaning products. Some of the damaging effects of using everyday cleaning products can include: 

Health Risks for Humans:

Many standard cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Lengthy exposure to these chemicals can lead to issues with the respiratory system, allergies, and more serious health problems.

Harsh chemicals contained within everyday cleaners can trigger allergic reactions, skin irritations such as rashes, and asthma in some individuals.

Environmental Impact:

Many everyday cleaning products include chemicals that are harmful when they enter waterways. These chemicals can have an effect on aquatic ecosystems and cause harm to aquatic life. Additionally, these products can also contribute to indoor and outdoor air pollution as they tend to release volatile organic compounds when used.

However, green cleaning products are developed to reduce these harmful effects by using ingredients that are non-toxic and derived from renewable resources. Some benefits of using green cleaning products can be:

Safer for Health:

Green cleaning products are often free from harsh chemicals, reducing the risk of skin irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues. Many of the products have lower toxicity levels and are safer for use around humans and other life forms. 


Green cleaning products are made to be more eco-friendly, degrading more quickly in the environment and harming ecosystems less

Air and Water Pollution Reduction:

Green cleaning products emit fewer volatile organic compounds, which lowers indoor air pollution. As a result, water pollution is reduced because they are less likely to transfer dangerous substances into water systems.

In conclude, using green cleaning products can create a significant reduction in the effects that everyday cleaning products can have on the health of individuals as well as the environment. 

To assist in reducing these effects, IJSCA has trained and certified many professionals to ensure that they are creating a more sustainable and healthier environment for all. In hiring a professional to assist with your cleaning needs, you can also ensure that you are taking an active approach as well to creating a better environment for all. 


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