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importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

01 Sep 2023 5:21 PM | Deleted user

It's important for cleaning staff and workers to know about bloodborne pathogens for several important reasons:

Personal safety:

People who clean often have to deal with possibly dangerous things, like blood and other body fluids. Knowing about bloodborne germs keeps them from being exposed to them and getting sick. This is especially important in places where these drugs are present, such as hospitals, crime scenes, and other places.

Preventing Infections:

Cleaning staff who know about bloodborne germs can take the right steps to stop infections from spreading. This means using the right personal protective equipment (PPE), like gloves, masks, and gowns, and following the right steps for cleaning and getting rid of the waste.

Legal Compliance:

It is very important to follow the rules, such as the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers are responsible for teaching their workers and making sure that their workers understand and follow these rules. If you don't, there could be civil consequences.

Effective Cleaning:

Cleaning staff who know about bloodborne germs will be better able to do their jobs. They know which cleaning products and methods to use in different scenarios. This makes sure that surfaces are clean and safe to use.

Response to an emergency:

Employees who know about bloodborne diseases can help more effectively when accidents or injuries happen that involve them. They know how to block off the area, give first aid, and limit the risk of being exposed again.

Public health:

Cleaning staff are a big part of keeping the public healthy, especially in places like schools, offices, and hospitals where many people use the same area. Their knowledge of bloodborne pathogens helps stop disease attacks and improves the health of the community as a whole.


Cleaning workers are more likely to be professional if they know about bloodborne diseases. It gives clients and employers confidence because they know the cleaning staff is trained to handle possibly dangerous situations in a safe and responsible way.

Well-Being of Employees:

Employees who feel safe and informed at work are more likely to be happy at work and have good morale. This can make it easier to keep employees and make them work harder.

In conclusion, educating cleaning staff and employees about bloodborne pathogens is important not only for safety and compliance, but also for effective cleaning, public health, and the general well-being of employees and the community.


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