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The Importance of Cleaning employees & staff knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

04 Oct 2023 12:57 PM | Bettyrose Garcia

Safety is the most important in any workplace, so in many occupations first responders, housekeeping personnel to name a few are or may be at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Knowledge and training on how to prevent or control exposure, steps that reduce or eliminate the hazards. Implementation of a control plan for each worksite with details on employee protection measures. An engineering plan that tells employees and all personnel the PPE and clothing, employee training and hepatitis b vaccinations etc.

Having a plan, implementing safety measures knowing OSHAs Bloodborne Pathogens Standards and practicing these will minimize exposure. Not only knowing about the potential exposures but following and knowing what to do when exposure occurs.  What is needed in an evaluation of an exposure incident will help the ones exposed and employers determine actions that can or could prevent future incidents.


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