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Becoming A Green Partner with IJCSA!!

17 May 2023 12:37 PM | Gennet Tebebu

It has been an enthusiastic weeks of May 2023 to complete my company's IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification in time to submit to the next bid document at DC government solicitation.

Being green cleaning certified professional or agent in the trading and service environment has many beneficial values, aspects and proactive implementations. The following summarizes the overall articles my company submitted earlier and presents concluding remarks before taking the test.

The first aspect of being certified IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification is to create a 'door opener' opportunity in the vast market my company operates. In the eyes of clients and other countless stakeholders' my company GMJ's green certification receive applaud and recognition.

The second aspect is that IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification surely helps us to drive the importance and vitality of green cleaning methods to deliver 100% environmental friendly service and air quality.

The third aspect is green cleaning eventually leads to effective environmental protection and societal living and health pro values. we will take part of this noble practice and adaptation to change for the common good of all.

Economic advantage is also another aspect of green cleaning and once we intensify our implementation program then it will have resultant effect on our cost savings and reduces the anxiety of consequential risks/claims.

In conclusion, my company GMJ will be taking advantage of IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification to bring a more green cleaner environment and to create more client satisfaction through green cleaning methods and practices. We speed up implementation of our earlier laid action plans with out delay and to the ensuing projects upcoming for the fiscal years 2023 - 2027. We will say 4 years from now what a green clean environment changes our prosperity and life elongation thanks to IJCSA. See you 2027!

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