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Implementing Harmless Agents to reduce risks of harmful chemicals

11 May 2023 3:44 PM | Gennet Tebebu

As green partners and member of IJCSA our company GMJ Facilities advocates for harmless use of cleaning agents and works towards proactive risk control over harmful chemical cleaning services to our clients.

Many harmful effects have been written and documented by Environmentalists and associations like IJCSA to bring more awareness and to propagate more diverse use of harmless green cleaning agents. To begin with the following issues have been presented from our walks of life as an individual or as a green partner cleaning company.

1. On our daily life routine - From the moment we woke up early in the very morning through daily routines we face bathroom cleaners - sodium hypochlorite/chlorine which harms our nasal illness. Besides, we use all purpose cleaners after we cooked and cleaned up our breakfast platers and utensils - Butoxyethanol that irritates hands or skins.

2. In our day-to-day cleaning services examples like glass cleaners we use - Isopropyl alcohol has caused potential adverse health effects on eyes and inhalation to the lungs.

3. Much use of chemical agents at work place have been exposing us and workforce long term systemic risks of health. That is why deterring mechanisms and harmless agents are being called out to reverse consequential risks discussed under 1 to 3.

Therefore, we uphold and continually exert implantation of harmless agents by becoming green cleaning partners through continuous learning process - as a matter of fact this post underscored the stages of development in the green certification effectively. We keep on learning!

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