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Green Partners of the 21st Century

11 May 2023 3:09 PM | Gennet Tebebu

For many centuries the world had been facing uncountable environmental crisis emanated from war, pollutions, deforestation, degradation, global warming etc. Experts from multiple industries have been addressing these issues and challenges and devising a way to overcome these challenges. One aspect of the most widely used area was cleaning agents and the frequency and severity of harmful substances the humans get used in their day-to-day life routines.

One vital breakthrough and discovery was heralded few decades ago thanks to international associations like IJCSA in order to circumvent the challenges and convert them into opportunities. The IJCSA has been instituting green cleaning companies commonly called 'green partners' to the environment through adoption of high standards of cleaning practice and new ways of green cleaning practices with harmonization and creation of awareness among stakeholders' (Government, Partners, Manufacturers, Households, Private & Public institutions, etc.).

Nowadays, most government and private institutions are being aware of green cleaning and looking for partners of green cleaning service providers. To meet this demand and create an eco-friendly environmental quality; green partners like GMJ Facilities and other alike service providers move forward to engage new pivotal cleaning methods by aligning environmental-friendly ingredients and chemicals to preserve human health and societal beneficial values.


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