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Customer Service & IJSCA

19 May 2023 3:07 PM | Stephen Dunn

While many business deal with the public and "customers" our industry is unique.  We are brought into a very intimate part of our customers' lives.  We are asked into their homes and lives in residential cleaning world and asked to provide a positive environment for their employees and customers in their business life.  In all areas we are impacting their peaceful enjoyment of their life by impacting their home or their place of employment.  

This closeness to their life makes how we deal with them as customers so critical.  They must be reassured we care about their home and business beyond just the transactional relationship that exists as a service provider. IJCSA understands this relationship and provides tools to their members to help their members build that relationship, help the members establish, earn and retain that trust. While it is important to know how to clean something it is also important to know how to show the customer you care and that you will work with them to meet their personal and business life needs. 


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