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Green Cleaning Certified Business

25 Jun 2023 7:12 PM | Joseph Albergo

As a green cleaning certified business I now highly recommend as much green cleaning as possible. The health benefits are worth almost any price compared to the toxicity of commonly used products. Hazardous chemicals just isn't worth that clean smell or using name brand products that one us accustomed to using.

Our business is now going to be prioritizing green cleaning over any other form. We are currently researching the proper natural ways to replace many of our cleaning supplies. After becoming green cleaning certified ,we have all the proper knowledge to do so. All that's left is to update the business side of things.

Our marketing is going to focus on healthier ways to do things and convincing the client's to feel the same way that we do. With all the information learned in IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification it shouldn't be difficult at all to do so. Green cleaning is the future of cleaning.


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