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  Storm Damage Update 6/18/24  - We are experiencing high call volume. To find a certified water damage restoration service near you please click here. 

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Finding a carpet cleaning service.

06 Feb 2024 2:06 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  STOP READING ARTICLE AFTER ARTICLE! Carpet cleaning can be done by anyone. But if you want your carpets to be cleaned thoroughly and safely, make sure it's done by an IJCSA Company use the IJCSA CERTIFIED CARPET CLEANING DIRECTORY and find a company that is certified in carpet cleaning. They understand the different chemicals and how to use them. They also know about which method to use that would provide the best results. For instance they may recommend hot water extraction or encapsulation also known as very low moisture. IJCSA Certified Carpet Cleaners know how to identify carpet types and will safely clean your carpets to ensure that you get the fullest life from your carpet. Use the link to find your company CARPET CLEANING DIRECTORY


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