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The Importance of Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses

27 Mar 2023 1:50 AM | ISAIAS NAVARRO

The Importance of Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses. There are three primary beneficiaries of Bloodborne Pathogens Training:

First, the health and safety of the janitorial crew employees. Employees need to understand that Bloodborne Pathogens are infectious microorganism in human blood that can cause several diseases in humans. Employees need to learn the risk, how to handle different situations to include appropriate equipment in order to mitigate the risk, and the process to follow in case they are exposed or think they were contaminated with a bloodborne pathogen.

Second, Janitorial Cleaning Company Supervisors need to have a greater knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens because they need to train, inspect and provide guidance to employees who may become contaminated by mistake or by not following the correct cleaning steps.  Additionally, Janitorial Supervisors could also share knowledge with the client and their staff. 

Third, the client and staff working in the building also need to be aware of Bloodborne Pathogens. This last beneficiary perhaps does not need to take the Bloodborne Pathogens certification course but they need to understand the risk and the importance of controlling the exposed area and how to contact their cleaning crew who have a better knowledge on how to handle the situation.

In conclusion, employees, supervisors and client are the three primary beneficiaries of a Bloodborne Pathogens Training. 


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