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How the Cleaning Industry has changed me since last time...

07 Feb 2023 2:07 PM | Deleted user

My name is Javier Velez Romero and I have been a member of IJCSA since 2017...

Freaking the benefits of my first Master's Certification was at first difficult because I needed to gain experience merging it with my other certifications in job interviews and resume making,etc.

Ever since then, I started reaching out to services at different places and companies that dealt first with showing off My Resume as a strong asset, filled with detailed job experience highlighting all the  skills and training ,learned soft skills(critical thinking...) and hard skills(hands on training).

Along with the IJCSA Certification I carried along NYC Green Cleaning Certificates,OSHA Environmental Services Specialist,OSHA Construction Safety ,EPA and even Fumigation 7b , I relied on past work training experience. I met many others along the way that I had to take an immediate likening to;  to relate with on our general mission and purpose, seeking work experience and employment.

The lingo and jargon, terms in the cleaning industry flowed on ever and ever forth along with training. The because of why proper PPE Gear all that we were advised and warned about happened just like it said in the training videos.

I stay thankful to the IJCSA for providing me with my educational needs.


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