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Bloodborne Pathogens

15 Apr 2023 10:25 PM | Kevin Flowers

For safety reasons employees should be very cautious when encountering blood pr body fluids which may contain pathogens. Extreme caution should be used when coming in contact with blood or body fluids. Bloodborne pathogens are pathogens that are or can be found in human blood. These can happen when you come in contact with mucus membranes, cuts or breaks in the skin. 

Blood and or needles can contain HIV or AIDS, Hepatitis and other serious pathogens. Gloves should be worn and mask when coming in contact with body fluids.  Precautions can save lives. OSHAs standards should be followed. 

Protective practices and proactive practices should be followed. Assume all blood and body fluids are contaminated. Clean and disinfect the area if coming in contact. Good hand washing helps prevent the spread of infection. 

Notify your supervisor and physician if you come in contact with blood or bodily fluids. 


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