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Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices into Residential Cleaning Situations

22 May 2023 12:47 PM | Anonymous

The values in medical cleaning can be practically applied to the residential cleaning sector with many great advantages. When working around client's restrooms and other personal spaces, there are many high touch surfaces that one can come into contact with that can carry many germs and bacterias.

The use of PPE is an excellent addition to any residential cleaning company.  Protection of cleaners and preventing cross contamination is one of the assets to using PPE. Using gloves while working in a client's house not only prevents a cleaner from picking up germs, but helps prevent them spread to other areas and other houses.

The proper use of correct disinfectants on high touch surfaces is also a necessity to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. In Short Term Rentals, we are also preventing the spread of infection from any bacteria or germs from the previous group of renters to the incoming group of renters.  It is essential that all vital areas be properly disinfected.

Unfortunately, bacteria and viruses are all unseen to the eye, yet harmful and can carry the potential to be extremely damaging, or even deadly in some scenarios.  By properly educating your employees on how to sanitize and use PPE, they can both protect themselves as well as prevent the spread of pathogens.  Find a qualified cleaning company that embraces all these qualities here: International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Janitorial Services Directory (


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