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Being Green Cleaning Certified

19 Jun 2023 2:26 PM | Deleted user

Being IJCSA Green Clean Certified has so many benefits for any business that uses cleaners. It simply means that we are all doing our part to protect ourselves and the environment from the effects of chemicals, paper, and plastics that continue to destroy our planet.

For Bubble Bucket, being green certified will make all the difference to our customers and our community. In addition to the increased knowledge, we would be able to teach others the same great principles on which we founded our business to protect our health and the environment we live in. As cleaners ourselves, we are never aware of the effects that it takes on our overall health until its too late. We are here to stand at the fore front in our community to combat the negative practices that society taught us, of using the same products that can be purchased at any large retailer that have long labels of harmful chemicals. 

We have learned a lot of information over the course of our journey, mostly provided by the EPA. The EPA regulates the safer choice program that helps us to decide which cleaning products are safe for us, our families, and our plant. One of the most interesting facts I have found is that all the chemicals we use become apart of our water systems which damage the aquatic life that lives there and the reproduction of those species. 

In closing, this certification to us is a key component to any successful cleaning service and the motivation that we have to obtain it. Greener cleaning requires many hours of work and dedication to achieve. With a market leaning towards greener cleaning practices, we feel it will be imperative to embrace the challenge and protect our planet. As always dont forget about the wonderful environment provided by IJCSA, if your looking for any green cleaners in your area or need information, dont turn your cheek and follow the link. 


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