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How antimicrobial coatings can help maintain cleanliness

10 Mar 2023 11:39 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

How antimicrobial coatings can help maintain cleanliness

The ebb and flow of a hospital setting is ceaselessly dynamic, with patients, visitors and staff making up a high volume of foot traffic travelling through corridors daily. It is no surprise that there is widespread exposure to microorganisms in this environment, and it is a constant struggle for healthcare providers to maintain clean conditions to limit the proliferation of bacteria. Regular cleaning is crucial; however, standard disinfectants retain limited residual activity after application, leaving high touch surfaces vulnerable to contamination through direct contact or airborne droplets.  

Untreated Acrylic Coating on Aluminum (1).png

Enhancing hospital cleanliness 

Antimicrobial coatings, like LapisShield by Microban, work as built-in adjuncts to normal cleaning practices, providing long-lasting protection that does not wear away to surfaces such as hospital curtains, countertops, clipboards and equipment. The active ingredient in this example works by disrupting internal enzymes, blocking metabolic pathways, and creating an inhospitable environment to interrupt bacterial reproduction.  

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