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Janitorial Cleaning and Staying Safe...Even in Today's Workplace

08 May 2022 8:26 AM | DARRYL PEARSALL

There may be no limit to what we are exposed to in the janitorial world, but we can limit what we come in contact with in an unhealthy way. In the case of blood borne pathogens which cause illness, disease or even death, we can take every precaution possible. We are to treat each substance, each situation as if it can harm us, and so, approaching the clean-up with caution and wisdom is a must.

We are to use protective gear including gloves, masks and gowns. We are to seek a safe way of disposal, labeling the debris, sealing it, and making sure no one else has exposure to the clean-up.   

We are to clean up our own area including self. Disinfecting all equipment used, washing hands immediately after removing gloves, removing gown and disposing properly can all help in reducing or eliminating the spread of bloodborne pathogens.

Together we can make this job and world a safer place. With people trusting that we are doing our jobs in a safe manner, it is so important that we approach each day with focused attention on staying safe .... and clean.


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