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Protecting Your Staff and Clients From Covid

13 Nov 2021 9:32 PM | Stephen Martin

The COVID-19 Pandemic has raised awareness for businesses and their cleaning companies to be focused and diligent to prevent the potential spread of pathogenic organisms that can cause disease in humans.  It's pretty clear that medical facilities have to refresh their approach, but in our industry of cleaning offices, warehouses and large distribution centers--there are also some "must-do" precautions that should be implemented by employers.

Employees must be trained to assume that all people, products and materials should be considered contaminated.  Failure to follow consistent safety practices can be a life or death decision.  First, protective practices begin with cleaners protecting themselves with proper protective equipment (PPE).  This includes eyewear (to prevent splashing, spray, droplets), gloves and footwear.  Also similar to hospital color coding, cleaning staff in warehouses should use color coding of rags and equipment to limit cross-contamination from room to room and client to client.   Proper disposal of trash, rags, towels and gloves is important and disinfecting tools is essential. 

In our disinfection services, we have found that clients are open to discussion that informs how they can protect their employees and allow cleaners better access to help in the fight.  Simple things like clearing your desk and removing personal items or grouping equipment and supplies for easy access.  Disinfection requires attention to detail of all surfaces that are touched frequently, but includes things touched unconsciously like tops of cubicles,  chair levers, chair backs, drawer handles and buttons on machinery.  An informed workforce partnered with a diligent cleaning company can make both cleaning employees and client's workers safer! 

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