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What’s Harmful Vs Natural With Green Cleaning

29 Dec 2019 9:07 AM | Deleted user

I want to compare a few of the harmful chemicals that are beI want to compare a few of the harmful chemicals that are being used verses the natural chemicals we should use. let’s start with a chemical called Alkyl Phenoxy Polyethoxy Ethanol’s also known as Nonyl Phenol. This is a chemical found in laundry detergents, all purpose cleaners and surface cleaners. This chemical has found to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells and feminize fish. Researchers have also found that it activates estrogen receptor in cells which alters the activity of certain genes, also known to be used as a spermicide.

Next we have Artificial fragrances which are used to make things smell good but doesn’t help our environment or our health. Most artificial fragrances are not biodegradable and made with petroleum. This chemical has a major toxic affect on animals such as fish and mammals . Not only does it harm the animals but also causes allergies and skin or eye irritation ourselves.

Another toxic chemical used is Benzal Konium Chloride. This is used for disinfect , disinfectant cleaner, disinfectant hand soaps and lotions. Also known as  bactericide a chemical that is biologically active , which means it can negatively affect living organisms. This has caused an emergence of new strains of bacteria that are resistant to bactericides.

Those are a few of the toxic chemicals that we should definitely look into staying away from when it comes to using products that we clean with on a daily. For more information on many other toxic chemicals that are being used today go to IJSCA Green Cleaning Directory and search Green Cleaning. Now let’s give you a list of a few natural things that can replace those toxic chemicals to better our health and environment.

First you want to always go with natural  products/ homemade substitutes that are biodegradable, have no VOC’s and non toxic, things that are safe for children, pets also reduces health risks. Lemon is a good surface cleaner to clean bacteria/disinfect.Use soaps that are unscented and are in liquid form, avoid soaps with petroleum.Borax/Baking is a good deodorizer also good for laundry. White Vinegar cuts grease, removes mildew and also odors.

So there are truly things that can be done to improve healthy clean living also inexpensive.To learn more on Green cleaning don’t forget to check out IJSCA Green Cleaning Directory for good clean healthy ways to clean.


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