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Harmful effects of using traditional cleaning products vs. Green/Natural Products

26 Jan 2020 11:56 AM | Andrea S & Blake G Hurlston

Traditional cleaning products have proven to be very harmful to humans, the earth and the planet overall. 

Health effects: Using harmful chemical based products which contain significant amounts of very harmful chemicals have proven to cause; cancer, headaches, skin issues such as eczema, respiratory, throat and bronchial issues due to inhalation and immediate contact of the chemicals some of which releases toxic fumes in our environment.

The effects are greater when people who clean daily use such chemicals. 

Quite a bit of these harmful cleaning solutions are used daily in our homes and office environment, including; kitchens and commercial environments. Products such as oven cleaners, hair chemicals in salons, chemicals used in garages, paints and furniture cleaners, all contain harsh irritants with high levels of VOC's (Volatile organic compounds) that get released into the atmosphere. - T

Environmental effects: Quite a bit of these chemicals are often times flammable, due to the contents of these cleaning agents. This is severely hazardous to our environment. Statistics have proven and as more scientists are exploiting more tests on the use of harmful cleaning chemicals on humans, there is a imperative need for us to eliminate these damaging chemicals from our planet - they are killing us, our environment and there are no medical treatments yet developed that have counteracted or reversed the diseases inflicted on us, as a result of the severe damage caused. 

There are numerous positive benefits in eliminating the use of traditional cleaning products and replacing them with using 100% green, bio-degradable cleaning products versus continuing to use the harmful, traditional cleaning products.

Positive Environmental Benefits are: Creates a purer environment/ Cleaner Homes - no longer will we have to inhale harsh chemicals in the environment, or come in contact into or skin. The lingering effects of the chemicals after use in the air- is unhealthy to adults, kids, babies and pets. 

Changing to green methods means no harmful chemicals will be released into the air from factories, plants. It will reduce/eliminate pollution to our waterways and minimize the impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with less smog/waste. Our air will be cleaner- better air quality.

Positive Medical/Health Benefits are: There will be less chances of the sensitive individuals developing asthma, any chronic bronchial related health issues or allergies as green products are non-toxic and are safer to use. The use of natural products will enhance the environment's sustainability, improve the well-being for humans and pets alike. Using green cleaning products will eliminate damaging the skin, eyes as green products are not corrosive.

Economic and financial benefits are: The last and an important fact in comparing the use of traditional versus green products is there is a financial benefit. Natural products are cheaper, all products can be found at home, such as; lemon, vinegar and baking soda.

The benefits of using green, eco-friendly, bio-degradable products outweigh extensively the significantly negative impact traditional cleaning products have and will continue to make on humans and our environment overall. There is not comparison to be made when our health, well-being and living and working spaces are at stake. We need air to breathe and live, so it must be clean air for us to maintain a healthy, clean life. 

It is safer to check the credibility of a cleaning company when trying to decide on which cleaning company to get -ensure you find a "Certified" Green cleaning company by researching on the following website-


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