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Why is properly cleaning is so important in healthcare facilities

05 Jun 2024 11:54 AM | Cheick Toure

There a lot of reasons why cleaning the healthcare facilities is so important:

First when we say healthcare facilities, we already know in our mind it is a place where care is given for different reasons, it could be sickness, pregnancy, simple blood work etc…. And we know the bacteria and viruses are very frequent in these places therefore every effort should be made to make sure these facilities are properly cleaned to eliminate or reduce the growth of these infectious diseases.

The patients go to these facilities for different reasons, and we don’t want any patient to acquire any other infections than what he or she already has. However, if these places are not properly cleaned it could lead the spread of infection and a lot of people could get sicker or sick.

Also the visitors and staff, leave their homes to go to these facilities thinking these places are properly cleaned, and I think every effort should be made that is so as we don’t want them to catch anything in these facilities, and take back to their love ones.

All in all the management of these healthcare facilities must ensure the EVS staff are well trained, and these facilities are properly cleaned for the safety of the patients, visitors and staff.


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