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Bloodborne Pathogens

02 Jun 2024 9:22 PM | Damian Medina

Bloodborne Pathogens are an extreme danger to anyone working around or near them. That is why OSHA came up with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. By their measure this standard alone can be responsible to preventing over 8,000 bloodborne infections and more than 200 deaths each year. These are impressive numbers considering that there are so many frontline workers exposed to the dangers of Bloodborne Pathogens.

These Bloodborne Pathogens are defined as a microorganism (such as a virus or bacteria) that can be present in blood and bodily fluids. These pathogens can be passed from person to person through contact by contaminated blood or any other bodily fluids. Hence the extreme danger. For many frontline workers, these hazards don't present themselves until its way too late, sometimes getting stabbed by a needle wrapped in cloth, or deep in a pants pocket. 

All frontline workers need to arm themselves with the proper protective equipment and protocols in the event that they themselves become exposed. Especially for those that do biohazard cleaning, this becomes even more of a truth. These workers have to keep in mind that almost everything that they are working near can be contaminated. And with a job as dangerous as that, one mistake can cost them their life.


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