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Benefits of Green Cleaning

01 Nov 2023 1:07 PM | Shane Riff

Over the years, many harmful side effects that have been attributed to the use of traditional chemical cleaning products include but are not limited to headaches, eye irritation, nose and throat irritation, skin irritation, rashes and even asthma attacks, as well as other respiratory issues.

Green cleaning has proven itself to be a much healthier and cost-effective cleaning process that is accomplished using naturally derived, non-toxic, and biodegradable products which greatly reduce their impact on the environment as well as the health of those that use them.  When using green products in a private residence, as well as in commercial spaces such as office buildings and public spaces like lobbies, waiting rooms, and restrooms you can feel safer and more confident knowing that there are no harsh chemicals being inhaled, or having them on or near your skin avoiding exposure.

Other benefits of having a green cleaning program in place, is that when using proper filters in a buildings filtration systems and the appropriate types and sizes of entry carpets can reduce the amount of dirt and debris entering a building, which in turn will increase cleaning efficiency ultimately resulting in better air quality and the reduction of labor costs due to limiting the need for more labor intensive and expensive floor and carpet care procedures, as well as reducing lost labor due to the affects of dangerous chemical exposure.


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