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Importance of cleaning and training

30 Aug 2023 8:35 PM | Edgar Elgar

Cleaning employees play a major role in the safety of personnel, especially in an environment where bloodborne pathogens are likely to be. Without their continual effort keeping such areas clean and sanitary, it is more likely that exposure to bloodborne pathogens occur more often. With consistency in training and cleaning of all bloodborne pathogen affected areas, exposures can be reduced. 

Bloodborne pathogen training will introduce the safe practices and procedures used to keep employees and patients safe. Knowing what to look for in an area where bloodborne pathogens are likely present will help an employee avoid a situation, such as a needle stick or accidentally grabbing a hidden blood-soaked blanket with bare hands. Such a situation would be extremely undesirable and must be avoided at all costs. 

Training will not only introduce an employee to the safe handling of bloodborne pathogens and other hazardous materials. Training will also teach an employee what to do in a situation such as an accidental needle stick. Furthermore, training in bloodborne pathogens will help a company know what procedures need to be taken, who to notify, and how long to keep post incident documentation.


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